As well as being a highly experienced tutor, I'm a writer, story structure consultant, and storyteller based in London, UK.

My book, 'Story and Structure: A complete guide' is shortlisted for The People's Book Prize. Votes open from October 2022 to April 2023 at https://peoplesbookprize.com/oct-2022/story-and-structure/.

I love helping students to learn about the world around them. I encouraging them to seek original answers and solutions to problems. We do this by using frameworks for clear thinking and understanding the basics of how words, numbers, and thoughts work - for them.

As a tutor, I specialise in foundational skills - language (communication, composition, comprehension, creative writing), numeracy (mathematics, geometry, algebra, and specialist dyscalculia support), logic, and critical thinking skills. I am passionate about reviving the integrated approach to teaching the liberal arts, in particular the Trivium of logic, grammar and rhetoric, the traditional 'lost tools for learning'.

I am passionate about oral traditions of storytelling. In 2017, I abandoned the idea of doing a formal PhD on story structure when I was offered the opportunity to study with Shonaleigh Cumbers, a Jewish storyteller from a long-standing oral tradition, who is - as far as we know - the last Drut'syla.

My approach is rooted in sound educational practice, has grown through a wealth of experience and is nurtured with a good dose of common sense. It is organic and constantly evolving.

I teach English at all ages, up to degree level; Maths up to GCSE and creative thinking for 11+ upwards (younger for gifted and talented students on a case by case basis).

I am a published author and innovator in educational practice. I am co-author of Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System, and author of History Riddles (Liberalis Books).

I have published poetry and in 2007 was poet-in-residence at the first Edinburgh Food Festival and was invited back to be poet-in-residence at the Pleasance Dome the following year. I have written and produced shows combining traditional storytelling and performance poetry which have been performed in Edinburgh and London, the most recent being “Under The Arabian Moon”, a retelling of stories from The Arabian Nights at The Roundhouse in 2009.

Born in London, educated in a bi-lingual school in Alexandria, Egypt, I am fluent in five languages (English, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic). I have published several articles in academic journals and trade magazines on the subject of effective communication, and liberal arts education and have been interviewed on BBC Breakfast television as an expert in the subject. In 2012, I co-hosted ‘The Talking Shop’, a series of radio shows with Giles Abbott, about different aspects of storytelling.

I hold a Master’s Degree in the History of Design and Material Culture of the Renaissance from the Royal College of Art / V&A Museum, and a graduate degree from the Trinity College of Music in London. I am a City and Guilds Adult and Further Education Qualified Trainer, co-founder of The Academy of Oratory, a specialist voice-centred communication skills consultancy, and a Teaching Associate at The Negotiation Lab, specialising in effective communication techniques for negotiation.

Since March 2013, I have been exploring the links between mathematics, language and logic with Professor George Spencer-Brown, and have developed an innovative way of teaching classical logic based on his work that is quicker, more intuitive and easier to use than all other methods, and particularly suitable for secondary school students.

I have taught praxic, dyspraxic and dyslexic children and children with dyscalculia, and have also worked with gifted and talented students to release their potential and encourage them to develop holistically. On both sides of the SEN spectrum, I encourage students to be creative as well as more self-aware. 

“What you achieved with Zoe was brilliant. I’m really pleased. She’s really opened up.” Parent of SEN student.

"We just got the fantastic news that Max has done very well on his Winchester entrance and is fully accepted. Thank you for helping him improve so much." Parent of G&T student at 13+ level.

"Simon has been offered [a place at] Emanuel, Kingston Grammar, and Sutton Grammar ... We are absolutely delighted ... He put a massive effort in and we are extremely proud ... Thanks!" Parent of student at 11+ level.


BA in Music

Trinity College of Music, London
Sep 1986 - Jul 1989

PGCE in Licenciate Teaching Certificate (LRAM)

Royal Academy of Music, London
Sep 1988 - Sep 1988

PGCE in Licenciate Teaching Certificate (LTCL)

Trinity College of Music, London
Sep 1989 - Sep 1989

PGCE in Further & Adult Education Teachers’ Certificate

City and Guilds
Sep 1995 - Jun 1996

MA in History of Design and Material Culture

Sep 2003 - Jun 2005
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