It was a cold, rainy December day in Vancouver, Canada, and I sat looking out of the window with a decision to make that will change my life forever. I had two options. Option A was buying a suit and tie and going into sales training for a communications company. Option B was going to the Korean embassy to begin the visa application process for a travel trip.

After 15 years working in the education field, I am still incredibly happy that I chose the path that has helped me travel around the world teaching, meeting new people and learning about different cultures and languages. My enthusiasm and motivation to help students develop is still as strong as ever. I have learned that both students and teachers must enjoy and be fully involved in the learning experience for it to be successful.

I believe in three Cs which help kids learn: Competition, Curiosity and Creativity. Competition and games with the chance of winning helps motivate students. Students love to hear stories and show amazing memory capabilities when learning vocabulary through curiosity created by storytelling. Creativity comes after the language has been taught and lets students practice independently, finding a way to express what they want.

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  • 6 years old
  • 7 years old
  • 8 years old
  • 9 years old
  • 10 years old
  • 11 years old
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  • 16 years old

Myths and Legends

7 years old - 10 years old
Start date will be announced

Creative Writing 1: An Introduction to Creative Writing

7 years old - 10 years old
Start date will be announced

The Art of Storytelling

6 years old - 11 years old
Start date will be announced

11+ Creative Writing

9 years old - 11 years old
Start date will be announced

Creative Writing for Teens

12 years old - 16 years old
Start date will be announced


Art of Storytelling 2: Stories in MY Life

This is by far most favourite course for my daughter. Telling stories is such a powerful technique that will help children grow into confident public speakers. The topics learnt during this program are beneficial for a child for school related work, but also would help a child in relationships with friends and making new connections. Ability to draw listener's attention is vital at any age. I would like to thank Colin for such an amazing course!
24 May 2022

Creative Writing 3: Extended Character Development Mondays

My son is excited about the course. Every day after the lesson I heard a lot of new information about storytelling (I didn't even know that there is a whole science behind storytelling). Lev did his homework without reminding. He was really enthusiastic about new knowledge. Thank you for such an interesting course and keeping children interested and involved into the lessons.
8 Feb 2023

Creative Writing: Using curiosity, suspense and tension. Mondays

My son was happy and excited to take a course in creative writing (curiosity, suspense and tension). I love reading his new stories. And now they appear to be even more interesting, even breathtaking. He enjoys applying his new knowledge, even teachers at school noticed it. Mr Young, thank you for the atmosphere you created during the lessons. Lev was looking forward to every new lesson.
3 Apr 2023

Creative Writing Easter: Basic

My daughter really liked. She learned how to use emotions and another describing words in sentences. Her favourite bit was writing a paragraph about the forest. She would like to come back to another course with Mr Colin Young.
10 Apr 2023

Creative Writing 1: An Intro to Creative Writing - Thursdays

My daughter loved the classes and despite it was after a full day of school, she had no problem to get engaged and actually really enjoyed discussions about creative writing with the teacher and other children. Definitely worth the time!
7 Oct 2021

Creative Writing: Writing your Novella - Wednesdays

My 9 year old son really enjoyed this course. We completed the whole year, and I see that my son’s writing improved a lot. I highly recommend Colin!
5 Sep 2023

Creative Writing for Teens

Very fun and engaging course that taught me many writing skills. Very professional teacher, yet classes are still very fun and educating.
19 Jul 2023

Creative Writing 5: Extended Character Development

My daughter has really advanced in writing stories and developed passion for creative writing. Before starting the courses with Colin, she wasn't that much into writing. Now she enjoys her lessons, happily doing homework and attending the classes which Colin make fun and interactive. Highly recommend this course.
24 May 2022

Creative Writing 1: An Intro to Creative Writing

The class was very informative and engaging with real life tips on creative writing. My son is a reluctant writer but he was actually keen on doing his homework for this class! It was a little bit too advanced for my ESL son, but we'll sure come back next year.
11 Oct 2021

Creative Writing 5: Extended Character Development

My child was always looking forward to classes with Mr Young. Unfortunately last class she missed due to the internet problem and was sooooo upset, what tells me how enthralling and important were that classes for her. We hope to join more classes in the future. My daughter highly recommend this course.
7 Oct 2021