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7 years old - 10 years old

Creative Writing with Colin

The creative writing process is fun and imaginative, yet it is also complex and systematic.  Learning to successfully write creatively goes far beyond simply having a good imagination.

Throughout the 2021 and 2022 school year, we are offering blocks of creative writing courses each with its own specific focus and objectives.  Together, the courses combine to make a thorough and complete curriculum (including a great preparation for the 11+ entrance exam).

Each 5-week course is run separately and students can choose between all, some or just a single course.  Participation in previous courses is not required as each session has its own specific objectives and activities. 

Course 1. An Introduction to Creative Writing

 1.       What is creative writing?           

 2.       Planning

 3.       Character Development

 4.       The Story Arc

 5.       Application


  • Laptop or desktop computer. Tablet is acceptable but makes it more difficult for students to type. (No mobile phone)
  • Basic typing skills.  No minimum number of words per minute, but we will use the keyboard to write during class. (Homework can be done on paper if desired)
  • Basic computer use.  We will use Zoom and Google Docs in our learning.  Students will need to switch between programs themselves. (Parent support to show how in class 1 is usually enough)
  • Energy and enthusiasm.  I´ll be bringing mine!

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