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Would you like to think more clearly? Would you like to be able to find the faults in your line of reasoning? Would you like to find the faults in other people's lines of reasoning? Can you think faster, more clearly, more soundly?

You bet you can!

This course is designed for Graduate and Postgraduate students (smart A Level students are very welcome as well) and adults in continuing education.

It is designed to help you improve your thinking skills - you'll do this by engaging with the patterns that underpin logic, working from the foundations up. We'll be using a symbolic system developed by the polymath George Spencer-Brown called the Calculus of Indications. No prior knowledge of the system is necessary, as you will go through the necessary information step by step during the course.

The course will make it easy for you to …

  • Get it right (or as right as possible)
  • Think things through clearly
  • Complement imaginative/emotive reasoning
  • Use logic in written work (argumentative essays, theses)
  • Use logic for debates
  • Use logic for public speaking
  • Use logic for campaigning on issues you care about (in addition to emotionally strong content)
  • Use logic to build harmony
  • Use logic … for the love of it!


  • How logic works – validity, soundness
  • The building blocks – terms, propositions, syllogisms
  • The four moods
  • The four figures
  • Validating syllogisms
  • Logical games
  • Spotting fallacies

This is a course of 8 weekly 1-hour sessions.