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Про то, как "себя показать и на других посмотреть", и не только посмотреть, но и увидеть. Этот курс предназначен для того, чтобы помочь понять, как общаться с другими, как и почему другие могут нас воспринимать по-разному и от чего это зависит. Задача курса -  научиться производить положительное впечатление, например, во время собеседования,  уверенно общаться в новой социальной среде, понимать других и уметь убеждать и договариваться. 

This course is designed to help people understand how they communicate with others, who they are, what they want, how others may see them and what reactions they can expect. The course is about being able to get the best out of themselves at an interview, presenting themselves honestly and interestingly, having more confidence communicating in a new social environment, understanding others and negotiating better. 

Key elements of the course:

- Personality profiling - why it is important to be aware of your own personality traits and those around you both in your everyday life and on special occasions. Self-profiling, clues and behavioural elements that will help you to identify other people’s personality types. Strengths and weaknesses, expectations of each type, how to adjust your communication to each of those types in order to create better rapport.

- Image and self-image. Verbal and non-verbal communication. First impressions.

- Interviews. Your “elevator pitch”. Dos and don'ts. Handling difficult questions.

- How to “win people and influence friends” without being manipulative and without being manipulated.

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