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Even though GCSE season may seem far away, there’s never been a better time to get prepared. In fact, starting to think about GCSEs sooner rather than later can make all the difference when it comes to revision, and can have a positive effect on performance and grades. Not only will you have more time to study but you’ll be able to adopt a more balanced approach to revision, set clear goals and plan out study sessions in advance. 


Therefore, I would like to introduce this 5-lesson course to get you ready for GCSE Chemistry. This summer course is mainly for students starting Year 10 and Year 11.


1.     Bonding, Structure, Properties of Matter.

2.     Quantitative Chemistry, i.e. amount of substance.

3.     Introduction to Thermodynamics, i.e. exothermic and endothermic reactions.

4.     Introduction to Kinetics, i.e. rates of reactions and reversible reactions.

5.     Organic Chemistry, i.e. alkanes, alkenes, organic compounds.


Most importantly, we will work through it TOGETHER. Remember to be like a proton and stay positive!


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