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AS Thermodynamics and Kinetics Calculations - Part 2


While revising energetics and kinetics, it’s important to reinforce your knowledge of physics and maths.

This 6-lesson course aims to give you some pointers to and some practice in those bits of maths and physics that come up frequently in A-level Chemistry. It also shows you the calculating skills you need to practise so that you can find answers quickly and check they are reasonable.




1.   Enthalpy change

2.   Calorimetry

3.   Applications of Hess’s law

4.   Bond Enthalpies


1.   Collision Theory

2.   Effect of temperature on reaction rate

3.   Effect of concentration and pressure

4.   Catalysts

5.   Chemical equilibria, Le Chatelier’s principle and Kc

-Chemical equilibria and Le Chatelier's principle

- Equilibrium constant Kc for homogeneous systems

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