Laws of Logic - Senior School (KS3) Level (Creative Thinking (Logic), Key stage 3)

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On-demand online course

Do you feel yourself drifting off in lessons? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Can you learn to think better? 

You bet you can!

This course is designed for students at Key Stage 3 (UK) / Grades 7-9 (US) intellectual level 

It is designed to help you improve your thinking skills, and link words and numbers more closely in your thinking patterns. It's designed to help you increase the number of connections you make between subjects, helping you find better answer to better questions, and boost your critical thinking skills by doing it - actually thinking more critically.

You'll be using your thinking skills to tell stories in ways you've never told them before. You'll learn about the magic hidden code behind language and number. You'll find out that there's far more to language and number than meets the eye or ear. You'll explore the hidden patterns of thought using simple tools developed by polymath George Spencer-Brown and by the end of the course you should find it much easier to follow a train of thought - that means you'll be communicating more clearly and you'll be able to take in what other people are saying more easily - and be able to question them more intelligently

Grown-ups listen up (boys and girls, you can skip to the end of this paragraph). Here's what this course covers in formal speak. We'll be setting the foundations for logical thinking. We'll be covering the building blocks of language - words in grammar (focusing on the meanings behind them and how they relate) and terms in logic (those are the bits either side of the verb in a proposition such as 'the giraffe in my bed (subject term) is as crazy as this sentence (predicate term)'). We'll be looking at how to describe similarities and differences accurately, how to describe things accurately to aliens, and what is involved in 'saying what you mean and meaning what you say'. And here's the most exciting bit of the course - and one of the things that makes it so unique and exciting - we'll be exploring how the Calculus of Indications outlined in George Spencer-Brown's book 'Laws of Form' makes working with classical logic so much easier, more intuitive, more visually elegant than any of the other systems we've been using up to now.

So (boys and girls - you back with me?) It doesn't matter what you think about. Whether you're a numbers person, or a words person, whether you're thinking about food or football, this course will make you sharper, smarter, savvier.

What it can't do is make you stupider. And that's guaranteed!

This is a course of 8 weekly 1-hour sessions.

Highest degree: PGCE, MA
Experience: 20 years
United Kingdom

A traditional tutor who puts learning before teaching

I help students develop their understanding of what they learn about the world around them, encouraging them to seek original answers and solutions to problems, through a thorough connection with the basics of how words, numbers, and thoughts work - for them.

I'm a highly experienced tutor, specialising in foundational skills - language (communication, composition, comprehension, creative writing), numeracy (mathematics, geometry, algebra, and specialist dyscalculia support), logic, and critical thinking skills. 

I teach English at all ages, up to degree level; Maths up to GCSE and creative thinking for 11+ upwards (younger for gifted and talented students on a case by case basis).

I am a published author and innovator in educational practice. I am co-author of Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System, and author of History Riddles (Liberalis Books).

I have published poetry and in 2007 was poet-in-residence at the first Edinburgh Food Festival and was invited back to be poet-in-residence at the Pleasance Dome the following year. I have written and produced shows combining traditional storytelling and performance poetry which have been performed in Edinburgh and London, the most recent being “Under The Arabian Moon”, a retelling of stories from The Arabian Nights at The Roundhouse in 2009.

Born in London, educated in a bi-lingual school in Alexandria, Egypt, I am fluent in five languages (English, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic). I have published several articles in academic journals and trade magazines on the subject of effective communication, and liberal arts education and have been interviewed on BBC Breakfast television as an expert in the subject. In 2012, I co-hosted ‘The Talking Shop’, a series of radio shows with Giles Abbott, about different aspects of storytelling.

I am passionate about reviving the integrated approach to teaching the liberal arts, in particular the Trivium of logic, grammar and rhetoric.

I hold a Master’s Degree in the History of Design and Material Culture of the Renaissance from the Royal College of Art / V&A Museum, and a graduate degree from the Trinity College of Music in London. I am a City and Guilds Adult and Further Education Qualified Trainer, co-founder of The Academy of Oratory, a specialist voice-centred communication skills consultancy, and a Teaching Associate at The Negotiation Lab, specialising in effective communication techniques for negotiation.

Since March 2013, I have been exploring the links between mathematics, language and logic with Professor George Spencer-Brown, and have developed an innovative way of teaching classical logic based on his work that is quicker, more intuitive and easier to use than all other methods, and particularly suitable for secondary school students.

I have taught praxic, dyspraxic and dyslexic children and children with dyscalculia, and have also worked with gifted and talented students to release their potential and encourage them to develop holistically. On both sides of the SEN spectrum, I encourage students to be creative as well as more self-aware. 

“What you achieved with Zoe was brilliant. I’m really pleased. She’s really opened up.” Parent of SEN student.

"We just got the fantastic news that Max has done very well on his Winchester entrance and is fully accepted. Thank you for helping him improve so much." Parent of G&T student at 13+ level.

"Simon has been offered [a place at] Emanuel, Kingston Grammar, and Sutton Grammar ... We are absolutely delighted ... He put a massive effort in and we are extremely proud ... Thanks!" Parent of student at 11+ level.

Check out the free on-line course I have put up on YouTube taking readers through George Spencer-Brown's ground-breaking book, 'Laws of Form' - a book Heinz von Foerster said 'should be in the hands of all young people - no lower age limit required.' Put your mind to the test here:



11+ Exam Preparation

I have found everyone at Edurouter to be incredibly helpful and flexible when getting our routine going, and my daughter's tutor Leon is wonderfully fresh, enthusiastic, and lateral in the way that he makes each lesson work to keep her enthused, whatever the ups and downs. I am looking forward to working with them over the next year as she reaches the end of primary school.

13 Jun 2016

11+ Exam Preparation

Leon is a wonderful tutor - encouraging deep thought, and the kind of engaged learning that leads to original thinking. Our daughter has been privileged to work with him so far.

14 Jul 2016

11+ Exam Preparation

Just to thank Edurouter very much for helping us to find a wonderful tutor. I would like you to know how delighted we have been with Leon who has provided Skype tuition to my son in English and Maths and has made a tremendous difference to his confidence. We are grateful to him and would recommend Leon without hesitation. Leon let my son to believe himself academically and helped him get a grip with comprehension in a way he couldn’t at school. My son is going from strength to strength and his enjoyment of the subject is increasing all the time, due to Leon’s flexibility and dedication. We are grateful for his support and will continue with Leon in the next school year.

22 Nov 2018
Lali and Alex

Creative Writing

I loved this course. I liked to learn progymnasmata and about nature; so much so I was sad to see the course end. I have enough materials to last me over the summer and I am looking forward to submitting them as Leon (the amazing tutor) has kindly agreed to look at these... Have you got any other courses I could have a look at? I loved this one! Thanks, Leon and all at Edurouter. 10/10!!!!

14 Jul 2018
Anna and Nathan

English Literature

Had a top experience using this company. After 'kissing a few frogs,' and going utterly insane, I then remembered this organisation. My only regret was that we didn't think of them sooner. My son needed last minute help to nail an A* in English Lit. So many promised they could help but simply did not know the text as promised, or certainly not to the depth that we needed. They took my requirements seriously and connected my son to Leon, the most awesome tutor ever. His knowledge was simply profound. We had huge doubts about the whole online thing but were so late in the day we had to run with it. This transpired to be a zero barrier to the session, however. My son was worried about bringing in an A* for this one. We are awaiting the results, but let's just say, on the day, he then found the whole thing a breeze. Thank you, Leon, you're tops.

01 Jun 2017